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Dear Reader,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce Trevan Consulting Solutions

Trevan Consulting Solutions specialises in providing customised solutions for
Heads of IT via our Golden Standard Framework. This framework takes a holistic
approach which complements the existing IT leadership.

Our services have constantly added value to both the business and IT function by
focusing on the '3 golden assets’ of IT, namely people, process and technology.

Measurable assessments across all '3 golden assets’ produce key insights.
These insights drive powerful recommendations which produce significant results.

To match IT budgets, the bridge (Knowing-Doing Gap) between the recommendations
and results has been structured into 3 approaches each with its own unique benefits.

Mini touch
- Show you your capability scores across the ‘3 golden assets’ of IT
- This gives you direction on which areas to focus on

Medium touch
- Focus on building quick wins / low hanging fruit for the organisation
- Often highlights deeper issues / dependencies to explore

Midas touch
- Takes a holistic approach to address the broader capability issues of your
organisations' IT to become a world-class IT team

Trevan Consulting Solutions has a network of highly skilled and experienced
professionals with key resources available to attend to your requirements.

Golden Regards
Trevor Mathews

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